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Welcome to Nursery


Our teacher is Miss Horton.

Miss Broome and Ms Khatun help us too. 



Week commencing 25th November 2013


Last week saw the children reading and learning about the story ‘Peace at Last’. The children loved the story and we decided to make our own ‘Peace at Last’ stories which some of the children helped to illustrate. The children also planted the daffodil bulbs which you can see in the cloakroom. Please help your child to identify the bulb that they planted by encouraging them to look for their name.


Given that the children really enjoyed last week’s story ‘Peace at Last’ we will be focusing on the second book about Baby Bear, ‘Whatever next’. The children will be talking about the story, discussing the characters and Baby Bear’s imagination, and we will be sequencing the story through role play. We will be trying to build a large rocket using some of the objects that Baby Bear. We will be making the moon and stars from banana playdough and trying to remove moon jewels from jelly. One of our mums has kindly shared a recipe for owl biscuits with us so we will have a try at making them. They look delicious! In the wetland area we will continue to make music with natural materials e.g. tree trunks and logs.

At the end of last week we began to learn the songs that the children will be singing in our Christmas Nativity. We will be sending the songs home so that your child can continue to practise them. Some of the songs are sung to familiar tunes to make it a little easier to learn.


Within Nursery, the staff continually observe and assess all children in their play so that we can gain evidence of their learning and then plan for the next individual steps in their learning. In addition to this, sometimes your child will be one of our focus children for the week. We will inform you when your child is a focus child and we would be really grateful if you could contribute to this observation process by completing the observation slips that we will send home. There are always different observation slips in the cloakroom for you to complete if you feel there is something that you would like to share with us in relation to your child’s development.


Thank you for your continued support 

Miss Horton and Miss Broome



Things you can help your child with at home:


  1. Count to ten and beyond; recognising numerals 1 to 9 and beyond (if your child is able)
  2. Encourage your child to sing our Nativity songs
  3. Use information books and the internet to find some facts/clips about space e.g. the moon and stars
  4. Share a story with your child for a few minutes each day
  5. Talk about day and night; looking at the night sky
  6. Help your child to recognise their name, using the initial letter first
  7. Encourage your child to put on their own coat and gloves (this really helps them when going in and out independently of the setting in the cold weather)