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Welcome to Nursery


Our teacher is Miss Horton.

Miss Broome and Ms Khatun help us too. 



The first half term saw the children settling into their new school and learning about our daily routines. They have loved getting to know each other; spending time playing and learning together. The children have embraced lots of new and exciting experiences and we hope to have lots more of these as the year progresses.


The children took part in an autumn treasure hunt around the school grounds; finding leaves, twigs, conkers and other signs that the weather was getting colder. The children enjoyed painting pumpkins. They decided to use some of the leaves and seeds that we had found on our autumn walk to add faces to the pumpkins! They looked brilliant!


We learnt about different animals that hibernate during autumn particularly hedgehogs. We made hedgehogs from leaves and visited the wetland area to find food for the hedgehogs to eat like slugs and worms! The children loved this! We read lots of different autumn stories and one of our favourites was ‘It was a cold dark night.’ The children embraced this story acting it out both inside and outside with various props and produced some great story maps. We began talking about nocturnal animals and introduced the children to the well-known children’s story ‘Owl Babies’. The children loved joining in with the repeated refrain in this story and loved printing the owl babies using different sized potatoes.


We had a lot of fun as we celebrated Harvest Festival with all the children in the Foundation Stage. Despite the wet weather we were still able to celebrate outdoors and the children loved singing and dancing to our favourite ‘Autumn Harvest’ song.


Our first week back in school after the half term break saw us having fun with Halloween activities through the story of ‘Meg and Mog’. This then led to us investigating pumpkins and using the seeds to get creative with. The children loved making ‘witchy’ magic potions using a strange concoction of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! We then moved our learning along to celebrate Bonfire Night and the children took part in a fantastic splatter fireworks activity outside. They used teabags to paint wuth; creating some colourful explosions! These fantastic creations are now on display in the Nursery classroom.


As the Christmas season began we had a lot of fun learning the songs for our Nativity performance ‘Nursery Rhyme Nativity’. We are so proud of the performances that our children gave to Reception class and to their families. The children made salt dough decorations and we hung them on the school Christmas tree during our special Christmas tree assembly with Reception. The children made reindeer food for the Christmas fair too, adding just the right amount of magic!